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The price of stainless steel is rising up constantly
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    Nowadays, Chinese mining market is unstable, the price of material is rising up constantly. The main reasons are following: 1. the major domestic steel mills reduce production, causing the short stock of goods. There is no doubt that supply falls short of demand will lead to the price increasing. 2. SEPA announced to restart the process of environmental improvement, so the output of the stainless steel would be decreased. 3. The further confirmation of the Philippine mining event. This is about the government of Philippine decided to close 23 mining companies, which brings about the worries of the contraction of Nickel ore supplying. As a result, nickel prices both inside and outside have staged rebound, LME nickel main contract in recent days has risen more than 10%.

    To sum up, it is expected that the situation will continue to rise in the near future, and accompanied by the closure of some large enterprises and other phenomena.   

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